When Injuries Come

Well shoot.

Here I am, kicking booty and taking names, staying focused, eating well, planning my workouts, and not being crazy…injury. I wasn’t even doing anything cool when it happened, either!

I was walking down the stairs on Thursday – ok. I was running down the stairs Thursday because I have four boys and I’m hyperactive and I don’t do anything slowly.

I was running down the stairs Thursday after changing the youngest lego boy’s diaper, getting ready to go teach and I lost my footing. My main concern was, of course, the 30lbs of baby I was carrying. I twisted my knee as I landed and it looks like I’ve done something to the meniscus.


Cute, huh?

Rest, ice, compression, elevation, and ibuprofen…and of course a workout plan for next week that doesn’t hurt the knee. I was able to cycle this morning, which was great, but I’ll have to take it easy on the lower body until I am pain-free.

What I will NOT do is use this as an excuse to sit on the couch with ice cream and a bottle of wine. I’ll use it as an excuse to work on my killer arms!

Check back and I’ll let you know what next week’s plan looks like.

On a completely unrelated note, have y’all worn LuLaRoe yet? Becuase I just got a couple pairs of their leggings and never want to wear anything else ever again. Consider this my enthusiastic endorsement of all things LuLaRoe!

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