Clean Eating Mama

Cooking lean and clean isn’t easy when you didn’t start out cooking that way. For ladies like me, who were raised in the South, we know how to cook Southern food (i.e., NOT clean!). Add to that the fact that most moms in my stage of life were raised in the 80’s, watching our moms cook out of boxes and bags, and trying to cook clean, healthy meals is a challenge to say the least.

After I gained sixty pounds with my first pregnancy – and didn’t come home from the hospital with a 60lb baby – I started learning about health, exercise, and nutrition. Now, nearly eight years later, I am a marathoner, a gym rat, and passionate healthy eater (although, truth be told, I still love doughnuts!!). I’ve had my ups and downs, because eating junk is easy, and there are times when easy seems to be more important than healthy.

My goal for this blog has become helping others get healthy through exercise, healthy eating, and superior supplementation. I don’t want people to look at me and think “I could never do that.” You can, and I am happy to share the secrets! Living healthy isn’t hard when you have all the information.

So, let’s call this a new day. In the coming weeks you will find tips, tricks, and encouragement for living a healthy life.

<3 Jama

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