Clean and Healthy Bath Products

This is totally a shameless plug for my friend, Lorie’s, business!

Lorie has been making homemade bath products for several years now. I’m proud to say that I got to be one of her guinea pigs in the beginning, trying out all her little handmade soaps. She has now built this amazing business and makes the most awesome bath and body products I’ve ever tried. I’ve been working on her Etsy shop, revamping names for products and writing her descriptions. I’m really hoping to bring people in with my funny stories, have them order a thing or two, and then be a customer for life. No joke…once you try her stuff, you’ll be hooked. I feel kind of ripped off and icky now when I use anything else!

Clean and healthy doesn’t just apply to diet and exercise, but to what you’re putting on the outside of your body, too. I feel a lot better using Lorie’s soaps and lotions, knowing that she makes everything by hand with natural ingredients. Plus I’m supporting a local business and general, all-around, awesome mama.

So, check out her Etsy shop and giggle a little at my descriptions. Then order a thing or two. You’ll make two mamas happy!

For the Love of Suds on Etsy

<3 Jama

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