Big Changes and A New Training Cycle

Since I last posted, I’ve gotten my personal training certification in addition to my group fitness certification, and started working for the Chattanooga YMCA!

My main focus during the school year will be teaching the Pedaling for Parkinson’s class at the North River Y. There is a special place in my heart for people battling Parkinson’s disease and to get to use my love of health and fitness to make their lives better is amazing!

When we are on breaks from school, I’ll amp up my personal training sessions (I’m eyeballing a little small group session between Thanksgiving and Christmas), so if you’re wanting a little motivation and instruction, keep me in mind!

Personally, I’m on week 2 of a 6-week training cycle. I need short-term goals and clearly defined workouts to stay focused, so right now I’m really working on my accessory muscles. No big lifts, no major HIIT workouts, or even specific toning – I’m just making sure all those muscles that are supporting my body are strong and ready to work! You can see the specifics of my workouts on my facebook page, but here are the basics:

  • Monday – pecs, rhomboids, deltoids, abs, erector spinae, 30 min cardio
  • Tuesday – quads, glutes, hamstrings, 30 min cardio
  • Wednesday – biceps, triceps, lats, abs, erector spinae, 30 min cardio
  • Thursday – hip adductors, abductors, lower body multi-joint, 30 min cardio
  • Friday – full body (BodyPump)
  • Saturday/Sunday – active recovery, cardio/yoga

I’ve cut out alcohol during the week, and I’m watching what I eat, although I don’t do well on an all-or-nothing plan (if I want a cookie, Imma eat a cookie!)

Hope y’all are feeling great and staying active!


Workout Plan 9/4-9/10

I’m not afraid to admit that I workout harder when someone is watching. So, I’m sharing my workout plan here in the hopes your eyeballs will keep me on track. Check the Facebook page for daily updates and to make sure I’m doing what I say I will!

  • Sunday, 9/4 – run
  • Monday, 9/5 – legs, arms, 30 min. cardio
  • Tuesday, 9/6 – arms, abs, 30 min. cardio
  • Wednesday, 9/7 – legs, abs, 30 min. cardio
  • Thursday, 9/8 – arms, abs, 30 min. cardio
  • Friday, 9/9 – BodyPump
  • Saturday, 9/10 – run

Legs x 2

  • 20-second wall sit
  • 30 weighted calf raises (40lb)
  • 40 weighted lunges (40lb; 20 each side)
  • 50 weighted squats (40lbs)
  • 100 jumping jacks (or squat jacks or plank jacks)

Arms x 2

  • 20 pushups (or bench press)
  • 20 triceps kickbacks (10lb; each side)
  • 20 biceps rows (40lbs)
  • 20 shoulder press (30lbs)

Abs x 3

  • 20 full situps
  • 20 right side crunches
  • 20 left side crunches
  • 20 oblique twists
  • 1 min. plank hold

Cardio (choose 1)

  • run
  • elliptical
  • row

*disclaimer: This is a workout routine I’ve pieced together from reading. I am in the process of getting my personal trainer certification (I am already group exercise certified), and things will get a bit more detailed and organized as I design my own programs. If you wanna do what I’m doing, great! Just make sure you’re in good health, you don’t do too much too soon, and that you’ve got a trainer making sure you stay safe.